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Theological Vision Part 2

binocs 2

Today we will look further into theological vision and the role that it plays in how we do ministry at the River Center....

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All In

Sunday Vlog

Let’s get caught up in what God is doing with His church....

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Theological Vision


I currently am re-reading a book titled Center Church by Dr. Tim Keller. It is a deep and fascinating adventure into how the DNA of the gospel is to be expressed into the local church....

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The Gospel Changes Everything


The good news of the redemption and grace given to us By God by the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf changes everything about who we are and how we think....

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Pastor VLOG Sept 27

Sunday Vlog

Talking about Tanzania Oct 7th I'd like to share what God spoke to me while in Tanzania, how we are a chosen people, His church caught up on the mission of sharing the gospel. ...

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Our current culture is attempting to make strong inroads of post-modern deconstruction of any sort of objective truth being reasonable. The hallmark of this train of thought is the idea that no religious truth claim is any better than any other....

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Brighter than the Sun


In these two passages of scripture, we see The Father and Jesus dwelling in pure brilliant and amazingly bright light. In Revelation chapter 1, Jesus is being metaphorically compared to the sun. These comparisons are rooted in the idea that we have no greater visual comparison to the unaided eye....

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Futility Thinking


For this week’s post, I would like to look at the other side of futile thinking, namely those who do not believe in Christ. This is valuable in our understanding of evangelism. ...

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Fishers of Men Part 4

fly fishing

We are continuing the journey of a seeker‘s pathway to faith this week. The story goes like this. Okay, I have a friend that is in good trust with me in relationship and is becoming curious about Jesus, what is next?...

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He Fights Our Battles

Sunday VLog thumbnail

Its so amazing to realize that no matter what battle we are facing Jesus is fighting right along side us. He had us surrounded, I can get excited about that very quickly. Jesus breaks into the natural and does supernatural things....

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