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An Attitude of Gratitude


The first thing when I wake up each morning is to make a choice, am I going to be grumpy, feel tired and grouchy? Or am I going to start my day with a heart filled with gratitude for being alive and blessed by God? ...

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Is Jesus Lord?

Sunday Vlog

Jesus is the answer, but is He Lord of your life. How do we communicate the value in giving Jesus control of our lives?...

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What is the Standard of Proof?


In a court of law, the standard of proof is establishment of evidence in order to conclude that something has occurred “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The standard does not go as far as to say “beyond any possible doubt.” I would contend that this same standard should be held when a person comes to investigate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. ...

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Ambidextrous Faith


I have recently been reading a book by Phillip Yancey titled Reaching for the Invisible God. In this work, he quotes one of the early church fathers, Gregory of Nyssa stating that “a person’s faith is ambidextrous because he or she should welcome pleasures with the right hand and afflictions with the left, with the understanding that both would serve God’s design for...

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Tepid Christianity

Sunday Vlog

The church today should be passionate, not falling into complacency. We are in danger of being labeled a lukewarm people. Let’s be Hot or Cold, let’s live in the extreme’s. You have the ability to change your temp, no one likes a lukewarm glass of water....

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What about Church Membership Part 3

church membership3

In this post, I would like to explore some of the benefits of being a member of a local church in a broad perspective....

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Fear God

Sunday Vlog

What would our lives look like if we feared God? How would fearing God impact us? If we were to fear God, we’d love what He loves and hate what He hates. The fear of the Lord compels us to act....

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What about Church Membership? Part 2

worship 3

After last week’s post, I received some interesting comments, so I would like to explore this idea of church membership further....

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What about Eternal Life?

heart sun

In last week’s post, we talked about how true meaning and purpose for life can ultimately only be found in being in right relationship with God. Therefore, what are some of the benefits to be found in being in this position?...

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What about Church Membership?

church steeple

We have recently had a sermon series in our church about the church. Its purpose and how we are to be in relationship together as members of the body of Christ. This is a bigger deal than most of us realize.Exploring aspects of church membership...

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