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My God

Sunday Vlog

We can read about who God is in the Bible, the question I would pose to you is, the God of the Bible you're God? Discover who He is and be amazed that this God in the Bible is YOUR God!...

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What about Peace?


Last week we talked about some of the benefits of being Kingdom people with having the Holy Spirit reside within us. One of the benefits mentioned was having the peace of God in our lives. This week I would like to look further into what this peace actually means....

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Challenge of the Kingdom Part 2


In the last blog entry, we looked at the foundation of what the Kingdom of God looks like. This week’s entry will further explore in some detail some of the benefits of this Kingdom....

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Sunday Vlog

Psalm 139 gives us a glimpse of Gods magnitude. He is before, during and after us. We a subject to His amazing splendor. Let’s join Him and make our will submit to His. ...

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The Challenge of the Kingdom.


So here is a question, what did Jesus mean when he said the Kingdom of God is at hand? This question is the title of a chapter in the book The Challenge of Jesus by N.T. Wright. It is a very good question for us today as we grapple with the idea that this kingdom was central to Jesus’ message, but there is difficulty in figuring out what that precisely means...

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Molecular Engineering at its Finest

potters wheel

I am traveling on vacation this week, so this entry is going to be very short and sweet. I would like you all to watch a short video that amazingly explains how living cells obtain their energy in order to function. ...

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