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Pastors Vlog Nov 7

  Warren Vlog 14th  ...

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Pastors Vlog Nov 2

  Warren Vlog Nov 2 ...

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Strong & Courageous Nov 10,2017 Magnets   I recall as a young boy about 6 or 7 years old of discovery of magnets. I was so amazed at the ability to attract metal objects; it was quite magical to my young mind. I also recall the discovery of having 2 separate magnets and how fun it was to have them “clank” together by the attraction of a magnetic fi...

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What Darwin didn't Know Part 2

Strong and Courageous Blog What Darwin didn’t Know Part 2 Nov. 3rd,2017   Last week we started talking about how in Darwin’s time they labeled everything outside of the nucleus as “protoplasm”. This week we will be taking a look inside of the nucleus with the same perspective that we now know so much more than what Darwin could have ever im...

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What Darwin didn't Know

Strong & Courageous Oct. 27,2017 What Darwin Didn’t Know   At our last meeting at the strong and courageous conference, we had an interesting discussion about how complex all forms of life are, even down to a single cell organism. Back in Darwin’s day they didn’t have the technology to be able to see the amazing Nano mechanisms at work inside...

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Pastors Vlog Oct 24th

  Pastors Vlog Oct 24 ...

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Parable of the Sower

Strong and courageous Blog Oct. 20,2017 Parable of the Sower We had an interesting conversation in one of our community groups this week. The discussion was about us remembering times when you felt that the Holy Spirit was giving you insight into a situation or giving you specific direction. I recalled a time when I was meeting up for coffee with an international stude...

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Does Belief in God Sabotage Science?

Strong & Courageous Blog Oct 15,2017 Does belief in God ruin science?   This question certainly represents a plausibility structure that is deeply ingrained into our culture. Many people would answer yes to this question. I do not agree with them, and I would like to explain why in this post. One of the main reasons that people would answer yes to the questio...

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Pastors Vlog Oct 10

  Pastors Vlog Oct 10 ...

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Earth Wind & Fire

Earth Wind and Fire October 6th 2017 Strong and Courageous   Over the past weeks we have been talking about how finely tuned the universe is in order for life to exist. I would like to do some further digging into how there are so many different necessary parameters that are required for you and I to be sucking oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. I have titled th...

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